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Canine Obedience Training


Not only is Dr. Danielle Bercier a talented Equine Medicine veterinarian, she also specializes in training and rehabilitating dogs and even competes in Schutzhund/IPO competitions with her German Shepherd Blitz! Through K9 Strong, Dr. Bercier offers dog obedience training in Baldwin County AL, including puppy training classes and many more types of dog training for all breeds.

Dr. Bercier also enjoys helping owners teach their companions, and learn how to properly interact with their dogs, as well as other dogs they may come across in public. If you would like to learn how to have a better behaved canine pal, and have a fun time in the process, consider our dog training classes. We keep our classes small so you have our undivided attention, and our focus is on teaching owners how to teach, and teaching dogs how to learn in a safe, stress-free, and happy environment so that your pet’s training lasts a lifetime.

Do you have a highly energetic dog that needs to let off some steam? Our specialists can recommend a variety of dog activities and dog sports available through various breed associations as well as sporting clubs, and would love to help you find the best fit for your furry friend! If you have an agility dog, a hunting dog, or simply an energetic best pal, we can help them to be fit and fulfilled by finding the right activities for them to enjoy.

K9 Strong focuses on many different types of rehabilitation and conditioning for all animals. Our highly skilled staff members are dedicated to providing quality care while improving and maintaining your pet’s fitness, comfort, and mobility. We offer a wide variety of unique services to improve your companion animal’s overall quality of life. At K9 Strong | Dog Rehabilitation & Conditioning, it’s our passion is putting your pets first. Please click for our rehabilitation and conditioning price list.

Dog Rehabilitation

We are a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner and our assistants are also specially trained in Proscope (intelligent microcurrent) therapy. At K9 strong, we believe that rehabilitation works for our companion animals, much like it does for us, so we create rehabilitation programs tailored specifically to your animal’s needs. We encourage gradual but deliberate mobility building exercises with intense focus on your pet’s wellbeing for maximum results.

Dog Conditioning

Dog conditioning is a useful tool for dogs of all ages and conditions. Whether your pet is a competitive sports dog or an aging pet in need of improved mobility, we have the training and expertise to help improve your companion’s overall health and performance. We monitor your pet’s progress and allow continued, supervised use of our facility even after your pet has met their conditioning goals!

Dog Weight Loss

K9 Strong works with you to give you a full evaluation of your pet’s overall health and sets weight loss goals for your companion animal. Our specialists will provide you with guidance on appropriate exercise activities and a detailed nutrition plan and even help track your pet’s progress to help you keep them in peak condition for years to come.

Dog Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is just as useful for our pets as it is for us. Swimming is an excellent way for overweight dogs to stay healthy without putting undue stress on their joints. It can also be very beneficial for older pets and pets with arthritis. Aquatic activities are great for competition dogs to improve their cardiovascular endurance without stressing their joints. Puppies also enjoy swimming and it’s a great confidence builder too!

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