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If you think you have just found your next horse, please let us evaluate him for you, before you write that check! Whether it’s a pony for your child or your next national level competitor, it makes sense to schedule a thorough physical and lameness exam before you buy. We offer two levels of Equine purchase exams depending on how thorough/careful you want to be in ensuring the health of the animal you are about to buy. Even if you only want a routine physical exam on an inexpensive horse, please let us evaluate the animal for problems.

Many significant problems can be easily identified by a veterinarian who knows what to look for. The purchase exam is not about helping you find a perfect horse, but it is about identifying the imperfections present so you may decide if they are ones you are willing to buy and deal with. Some of the imperfections are easily repaired: sharp teeth, poorly trimmed feet, poor hair-coat, old injuries and parasites. Knowing about the problems early insure they do not develop into serious considerations. Even if we identify degenerative joint disease, as we often do, you are able to have the knowledge of the degree of joint damage present that day, and discuss maintenance protocols in order to decide if the purchase is still something you can manage.


Two levels of Equine purchase exams

  1. For the performance horse, the purchase exam includes a lengthy lameness portion which may involve video evaluations of the horse at work. This purchase exam often includes Radiographs, endoscopy, and lab work to obtain a more thorough evaluation of the animal, which will help in the consideration of his ability to continue and progress in the career for which he is being selected.
  2. Clients often ask us to evaluate Radiographs of horses that are being evaluated for them several states away. We are happy to help with your purchase decisions in any way possible. Purchasing a new horse is an exciting adventure, and we enjoy being a part of it with you to help ensure the best possible outcome.


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